Creating an Account


1. Click the upper right user icon next to the search icon. 

2. Input your email address to set up your account

3. Click on register, then you’re good to go!

Creating an account allows you to keep track of your past purchases, and helps make your future transactions quicker!


1. You may create an account as a registered user or order as a guest. 

2. Click here and start adding products to your cart! You may also filter by category.

3. Your item will be added to the cart in the upper-right corner of the page. 

4. Once done shopping, select the cart icon, and select Checkout

5. At the checkout page, you can review and adjust your order before completing your purchase.

6. Next, fill in your delivery and contact details. If you’d like to send your order as a gift, you can opt for this. 

7. If you have a discount coupon, make sure to add it!

8. Lastly, Click Order!

A prompt will show that your order has been accepted. Kindly wait for our confirmation email. Sit back, relax and wait as we prepare your order. 

Product or Order Concerns

I received a different item from what I ordered. What should I do?

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! Should this happen, please follow the steps below:

1. Take a photo of the following items

2. Send these images and other details to our email at 

3. Use the subject title “Order Concern: Order Number"

Then kindly wait for our customer service team to get in touch with you so we can properly coordinate your order’s resolution.

I noticed some floating particles from my order. What should I do?

These are normal occurrences with our products as they are natural, but rest assured that this is the same quality as the ones without the particles. You may contact us to confirm details and send us any applicable photos so we may assist you better.


What payment options do you offer? 

We have a variety of options for our customers to choose from:

- Credit Card

- GCash

- Paymaya

Do you have COD?

Yes. We offer COD for Metro Manila and Provincial deliveries. 

Do you accept international credit cards?

  • We are good to accept Visa and Mastercard credit card payments.

Do you offer installment payments?

For now, you may only avail installments through your respective credit card provider if this service is available.

Can I pay through one of your branches? 

Currently no. The kiosks operate independently from the website. We are bound by the rules and regulations of Bureau of Internal Revenue, treating each store separately, in terms of sales and collections.


What are your delivery options? 

For your convenience, we offer a number of options:

1. Book your Own Courier 

2. Same Day Delivery

3. Next Day Delivery 

4. Standard Delivery (2 to 5 days)

5. Branch Pick Up

You can choose what works best for you.

Can I pick-up from a branch near me?

You can choose branch pick-up however we are currently limited to certain branches.

There may also be times that branch rules will be affected by IATF guidelines, but we’ll keep you posted!

How can I track my order? 

Rest assured that we will be sending you your tracking number once your order has been picked up from our hub.

With this, you can use this to monitor your delivery with our courier partners.

Do you deliver outside the country? 

Not yet. 😉 Stay tuned for more updates!

How much do I pay for delivery?

Kindly note that delivery will vary depending on your order’s weight, dimensions and your location – especially for provincial deliveries.

Our site has a computation to check the appropriate shipping fee based on these variables.  

What if I have an emergency during pick-up or delivery?

Our delivery partners have around 2 to 3 delivery attempts.

Since our branch pick-ups are prepaid, we will reserve your package for you upon ordering, and you may pick this up at your most convenient time. 

How do I book my own courier?

You can choose from all the available delivery apps online. Our Customer Service team will also be in touch with you to verify your booking so we can properly coordinate it.  

Branch Pick Up

What if I want to have my order picked up from one of your branches? 

1. You can choose our delivery option “Branch Pick-up”. This will show our available branches for pick-up.

2. Select the branch where you wish to pick up your order. 

3. After completing your purchase, your order will then reserved and prepared at your selected branch. 

4. Our Branch Representative will then inform you once your order is ready for pick-up.

What are the schedule/s for pick-up?

Pickup times:

9:00 - 11:00 AM

12:00 - 3:00 PM

Do I need to bring anything upon pick-up?

You may provide your name and order number, and have the e-mail confirmation of your order ready too.

What are your contact guidelines for store pick-up?

Due to mall restrictions, our staff will hand over the order but will not assist in loading items in the customer’s vehicle.

Return & Exchange

Can I return and exchange the item that I ordered? 

Yes, upon meeting the conditions below: 

A product may only be returned or replaced because of the following reasons:

- The product was different in nature from the product specified in the order;

- The customer received a faulty or damaged product;

- A wrong product was delivered; or

- The product has missing parts or items.

To process order returns, replacements, or refunds, we would like to request the following:

1. Take a photo of

- Product Damage / Issues 

- Air Waybill 

- Order Receipt  

2. Send these images and other details to our e-mail at 

3. Use the subject title “[Order Concern: Order Number (Your Order Number)] 

Also note it would be best to inform us about your order issues within 1 – 7 day/s upon receiving your orders so we can process your concerns earlier. We will be coordinating the pick-up to assist you better.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. However, this is currently limited only to COD orders. Also, you can cancel your orders only within 5 hours after you ordered to make sure that item is not yet booked with our courier partners.

Can I replace my order? 

This will depend on the following conditions.

A product maybe only be returned or replaced because of the following reasons:

1. The product was different in nature from the product specified in the order;

2. The customer received a faulty or damaged product;

3. A wrong product was delivered; or

4. The product has missing parts or items.

Kindly read also on (“Can I return and exchange the item that I ordered?”)

Will you charge me for returning my order?

Depending on the nature of the order, there are some conditions that we will be charging the return of the delivery. Rest assured that this will be communicated accordingly.

What are the details needed so that I can process my refund?

For refunds, you may provide us with your order number and the payment option that you used for your order.

How long would it take to have my product replaced?

It may take 2 – 3 days after our team receives it in our warehouse.

Only upon our team’s receipt of the original item delivered will the product replacement process begin.

For other concerns, you may call or email us at:

Monday – Saturdays, 8am – 5pm