What is Messy Movement?
The Messy Movement is our shared commitment in creating change. We jumpstart the movement by choosing products that provide safer homes, cleaner environment and a better chance for at-risk young adults to have a second start in life. 

What are the benefits of being a Messy Mover?
With every purchase, you earn points and you can use it to redeem Messy Bessy products. In addition, you can get all the latest news and be notified first when there are special offers and promotions. 

How do I sign-up / register?
a. In-store: By using the tablet available in the store, the customer can type their mobile number for the initial registration.
b.  Online: For customers who will place their orders online, our customer service team will be in-charge of the initial registration. 

Why do I have to complete my registration?
Completing the registration will enable you to redeem your points and keep track of your account's activity. You can also receive special offers and promotions via email or SMS. It is also our way to get to know you better and give you our special treats. 

How do I earn points?
   -1 point for every P100 spent
   -3 points when you return our 1L, 2L or 4L bottle/jug
   -3 points when you bring your own bag

Our store staff will let you input your number in the tablets available in store. For online purchase, our customer service team will contact you and will add the points in your account. Points earned on the day will be reflected on your account after 48 hours. Only within-the-day transaction are eligible for the points. 

How do I redeem my points? 
To redeem your points, you need to input your pin code in the store tablet. One (1) redemption point is equivalent to P1. 

Where can I check my activities/balance?
You can check your points through the tablets available in store or you can visit www.zap.com.ph.

Can I transfer my points?
Nope. Points are not transferrable.

Will my Messy Movement rewards expire?
Yes, points earned shall expire after 1 year.