• Messy bessy bug repellent elegantly wasted  1

    Kira Ramirez, February 07, 2017

    Messy Bessy is probably one of the most underrated local brands in the all-natural/organic scene. They’ve been around almost forever (do you remember Leyende back in the day? I used to support them alongside Messy Bessy), are so affordable, and are made of simple ingredients spearheaded by pure ol’ water.

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  • Messy bessy 2

    Elyssa Christine Lopez, September 10, 2016

    Imagine Metro Manila without Seattle’s famous coffee chain. Messy Bessy founder and CEO Kristina “Krie” Lopez-Reyes remembers it vividly. In fact, she was part of the team that brought the international chain in Philippine waters.

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  • 10 local brands 11

    Johanna Poblete, August 25, 2016

    Your product’s packaging is both its dress and nametag. Make sure you make a great impression to your customers by checking out if your product get-up is at par with these…

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