We clean the clean way.

Unlike the more popular commercial products, our Messy Bessy cleaners are made only with ingredients that actually clean – no fillers, no bubble-makers, no colors, no funky artificial scents. If it doesn’t do the job, then it doesn’t belong in your home! 

We are one with the planet (and the pocket).

Choosing Messy Bessy means choosing earth-friendly ingredients that go down our drains and into our streams. And just because our products are natural, doesn’t mean they’re expensive! Our products are surprisingly economical – not only are they affordable, they are also likely to result in less medical expenses in the future!

Most of all, we care.

We are in business to improve the lives of at-risk young adults in our community. Through the years we’ve been able to design and execute a breakthrough program that allows us to provide education, on-the-job-training, work ethic enhancement and values formation.  The program is so innovative that we have set up a non-profit called HOUSE Foundation so that we can encourage other businesses to do the same.

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